Capital Lodge #23

Austin, Texas

Who are the

Odd Fellows?

Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Keeping Austin odd since 1852

Odd Fellows are men and women who meet regularly and share a common philosophy of living based on friendship, love, and truth. These three ideals--often abbreviated F-L-T in the iconography of the fellowship--are made manifest by a series of secret ritual degrees that the Lodge conducts for new members.  

The full name of this organization is The Independent Order of Odd Fellows, which is often abbreviated I.O.O.F.

The Austin Odd Fellows are members of the Capital Lodge #23 of Texas.

Odd Fellowship is a "secret society" because we have each participated in a series of meaningful (but harmless) rituals that instill the values of friendship, love, and truth.  Becoming an Odd Fellow is a covenant to respect and help your brothers (and sisters), and to extend those same ideals to our greater communities.

Below, you will find links to the Wikipedia article on the IOOF (which appears to be very complete and seems accurate), and to the main governing body of the IOOF, and to an interesting page on modern Odd Fellowship.

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